Week 7, day 6 – hills

No parkrun for me today in the sense of running 5k, but I was still running it in another way by being run director 2 (assisting the main run director). This meant an earlier than usual start and later finish with bonus walking around in heavy boots and alternating between being too warm in the sunshine and too cold when the wind got up.

I had to wait until I got home after processing and posting the results to do my scheduled training run. This one was 2 efforts of 10 minutes of Kenyan (continuous) hills, with only 60 seconds recovery. I had said last time that I needed to find a new hill, but for the sake of convenience I went back to faithful old Eastville Park and my little corner to the bemusement of the dog walkers and other runners.

I haven’t done such long efforts in Kenyan Hills before, the previous longest being 8 minute reps, so it was good that there were only two of them. Comparing them to my previous 8 minute efforts I was about the same pace. Considering that the recovery time was shorter and the efforts longer I am pretty happy with that and hope that it demonstrates progress.

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