Week 8, day 5 – a little bit of marathon pace

I appear to have been released from the purgatory that are Kenyan Hills (though that may just be because I was racing this week which interferes slightly with the schedule) and in its place was some threshold work mixed in with a bit of marathon pace.

It was just 10 minutes of marathon pace, sandwiched between 10 minutes of slightly faster threshold work, but it was a little bit harder than expected (my breathing is all over the place as it was on Tuesday), and there is a long way to go until April when I’ll be trying 210 minutes of it. I’m hoping that this is just a temporary dip, maybe my body has been fighting something off that I am not aware of, but at least I was able to maintain marathon pace for just this short while, and my second threshold effort was faster than the first. I have been promised more work at this pace going forwards, eventually adding it into my long runs (which are creeping up in length, 2 hours 15 this week and 2 hours 30 next week).

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