Week 8, day 7 – it’s a long way to the Avon Valley Railway

Today’s solo Sunday long run saw me heading out on the railway path once more (and there will be many more miles spent on it over the next couple of months). I started off counting the other runners and was up to 8 women and 15 men before encountering Fleur in a group too large to count everyone in time, just before Warmley.

This was the furthest I had been out on the railway path to date, and I slightly miscalculated when to turn and head back, particularly when I found out I was turning back into a headwind. This meant I ended up finishing a little bit further from home than intended (after a bit of a faff with my watch when I accidentally told it I’d finished when I hadn’t). I uploaded my run while walking back then did a bonus jog to Tesco for some milk for my protein recovery drink (which was much needed, along with the stretching) and to not freeze to death.

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