Week 9, day 3 – midweek marathon pace

It was back to CubaTone yesterday and then another attempt at threshold intervals sandwiched around marathon pace today, in a repeat of last Friday’s session.

I was a little bit worried after last week’s iffy race, and then this session feeling harder than expected on the Friday, but it went much better today. I felt stronger, even after the long run on Sunday and hard workout yesterday. The marathon pace felt easier (though imagining sustaining it for a full 3 hours 30 is still tricky at the moment) and was a smidge quicker, and the threshold intervals were faster and didn’t feel so hard.

Hopefully this is a sign that whatever caused the dip last week was temporary (maybe my body successfully fighting something off), and I even recorded a new VO2 max of 49 (which is totally made up by my Garmin, but is something to keep an eye on along with all of the other metrics). It felt good, so my accompanying photo today is my January virtual runner medal, a unicorn with rainbows (the rainbow attached to the head spins around).

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