Week 9, day 7 – loooong run day

The distance of the long run is slowly edging up, after 2 hours 15 last week it was 2 hours 30 this week (to be repeated again next week). It was split into 70 minutes easy (z2), 70 minutes steady (z3), 10 minutes easy (z2). I judged the turnaround point better this time, though went out even further along the railway path, properly into the countryside.

I was hoping to practise in some of my marathon gear to check how it held up over the longer distance as there aren’t that many long runs left to go now, but it was far too cold for the shorts I intend to wear, so I made do with practising fuelling and reviewing my marathon playlist (which is mostly cheesy pop with some mash-up and rock thrown in). I managed to get through 4 gels (one after 40 minutes, then one every 30, which felt about right), and even took on some water (which meant the belt had to come out as I’m not running with a bottle).

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