Weird weekend

OK, so the weekend didn’t start off so weird, apart from the fact that I wasn’t working. Pottered about a bit on Saturday, actually leaving the house at one point to go shopping, but mostly knitting and watching bad TV.

Sunday I gave the lawn a rough cut with the strimmer, hoping that I’d be able to give it a proper cut with the mower later in the week (but that would required for it to stop raining). Went out to the shops again for some seeds for the freshly dug borders (I’m going for a very “natural” look of just scattering them around and hoping for the best). I also got a new mop to tackle the kitchen and bathroom floor. Again.

Here’s where the weirdness began. Happily mopped the floor with whizzy new mop, using a dilute bleach solution (and bleaching mophead in the process). The cat then decided that now would be a fabulous time to go and roll on the damp floor and lick herself clean. It must be something about bleach fumes, but for a while there she had a distinct bleach smell about her (I’m using this as a reason as to why she swiped me for no good reason later in the night).

Cat happily rolling in bleach I went off to juggling (still trying to get used to doing that in the light). A pretty big turnout and at one point we noticed someone in the window of one of the houses that back on to the arts centre. So we did what any pre-teen in a coach would do – we waved. He waved back. The love was shared and back we went to practising. Ten minutes later someone sticks their head around the door of the room we are using and asks for the person in charge. I indicate that would be me and he asks me to step outside and bring someone with me. I grab Guy as back-up and meet this man in the corridor.

He is furious. He goes off on a rant about how he is perfectly within his rights to be looking out of his back window and found it weird that anyone would wave at him. He apparently tried to get in touch with the people who run the Arts Centre (without success, it is Sunday night after all) and said he’d had trouble from people here before. He wouldn’t accept an apology but was livid about the waving, so we “yes, sir, no sir”ed and eventually he left.

It left a sour taste for the rest of the evening at his reaction, and left me wondering whether to contact the people who run the centre to give our side of the story. Weird.

2 thoughts on “Weird weekend

  1. fak

    Recovered following post deletion:

    From TV

    Good job you didn’t pull a face at him. How odd.

  2. fak

    Recovered following post deletion:

    From charlie

    Let the people who run the centre know, so they have your side of the story first. He’s obviously a nutter, but you never know what influence he may have…

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