Why I shouldn’t look at diaries

It has been 10 weeks since my offer for the house was accepted.

I exchanged contracts 6 weeks after I accepted an offer and was out within 8 weeks (and the person buying had a mortgage where I am a cash buyer).

Even if contracts were exchanged tomorrow it would be 3 months from acceptance to completion. So many deadlines. I had hoped to move in before Bungay, then by the end of May, then by my birthday, then by the end of June. All slipping away.

I am a hair’s breadth away from looking for alternative properties, and will definitely have to look for somewhere to rent as staying in my mate’s spare room can only go on for so long and I am already pushing it.

Alas I contacted the estate agent on Monday trying to get an idea of a timeframe and have heard nothing back.

I shall be spending my birthday (and a big one at that) homeless, jobless and with no idea when either of those situations will be resolved.

After the limbo of 2007/8 I had really hoped to avoid all of that this year.

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