Women’s Running 10k series – Blaise Castle

I will confess that I hadn’t had the best preparation for the Bristol leg of the Women’s Running 10k series at Blaise Castle. The last time I had run had been Monday 21st July and the only exercise I had done since then had been a Body Pump Express and a dynamic yoga class which had left my legs aching. The reason for the lack of activity was a nasty cold that I am still in the process of shaking off (and being in Ireland away from my usual classes). I had also taken the skin off the back of my heels by wearing a new pair of shoes to Tesco yesterday (I took them off and walked home barefoot) and had to use double layered plasters (though it was an added incentive to keep on my toes).

I figured I would still be OK though, and having finished last year’s race in 50:48 in baking hot conditions thought I should sneak under 50 minutes in cooler conditions under cloudy skies, so went to the front at the start. I was in the lead group as we set off and held 6th place for the first couple of km. My legs were heavy though and I gradually got overtaken over the next 8km, slipping down to what I thought was 15th when I finally crossed the line. There had been an unscheduled walking break at one point when we encountered a group of riders being led on horses along the path, and got shouted at (someone forgetting about transmitting emotions to horses and setting off the horse she was leading – clearly they hadn’t thought to check whether there was an event on that day before setting off).

The course was slightly longer than last year, taking a turn around a large yew tree instead of cutting across the side of the hill in the last 300m, and I didn’t make it round sub 50 minutes, but did manage sub 55 with an official time of 53:37 (texted to me at 11:02, less than 10 minutes after finishing). My official finishing position was 11th out of 383, though I was pretty sure I’d counted myself in at 15th, so that may change if it turns out some people in front of me didn’t get logged correctly.

Another t-shirt, race bib and medal to add to the collection.

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