Womens Running 10k series – Bristol

Waking up at 4am isn’t the best prep for a race, but at least it meant I could have a nice early breakfast and allow it time to work its way through to where it was needed.

I lined up near the 50 minute pacer, but had lost her by 3km in (she must have finished near the 45 minute pacer). The inclines in the woods were a bit on the muddy side and we had to dodge dog walkers and horses on the flat sections. A hot day and I made full use of the water points. I had originally hoped to come home in around 50 minutes, so given the conditions I was pleased with 50:48 (a result which got texted to me within 20 minutes of my finish, which I was impressed by). I also got to try out my new ipod shuffle (in a little plastic bag to protect it from sweat and water) and my lululemon pace setter skirt. Both coped very well, though my Cancer Research running vest arrived while I was running, so that will have to wait for the next one.

Another medal for the rack, another race bib for the book, and another t-shirt for the pile.

2013-06-29 12.02.59

Update: I finished 27th out of 492 entrants.

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