Work gubbins

I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile at work. The department has historically been split into two groups (to make them easier to manage) and by being on a series of temporary contracts and working across groups I have managed to keep out of the tedious group meetings and admin. From Monday, though, there will be three groups. People are going to be moving desks, clients will be re-allocated, it’s a bit of a big deal.

I found out today (in a discussion about putting me on a three-month contract to run to the end of January, sure – why not?) that I am being put in a specific group and moving desks on Friday. My new team leader has failed to mention this to me. This should be fun.

I’m not bothered about which clients I work on, or where I sit, I don’t see that it makes that much of a difference. Apparently not all of my colleagues feel the same way and get remarkably possessive of both clients and desk position. In the current economic climate it surprises me that when most of them could be terminated at 4 weeks’ notice, they get up in arms about not being able to sit next to their best friend.

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  1. fak Post author

    Well, yes, that’s my opinion too. Sure these people are nice enough but I choose my friends on more than convenient location.

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