Work update – two weeks to go

I bumped into an ex(but soon to be future) colleague on the way home last night. I checked what had been said about me coming back to see how that related to what I’d told them/been told, which was interesting.

It turns out that someone else who left in the last year is returning next week, which is the opposite of what is happening with my current employer. I found out today (by accident since the bean-spiller thought everyone knew), that one of the assistant managers is moving to Spain for personal reasons, and one of the managers is moving to a different department. This means that the number of people leaving this group over a 3 month period is 10 (1 secretary, 3 assitants, 1 assistant manager, 3 managers, 1 senior manager, 1 director). From a group of 30. Oh, and one of the senior managers who is left is planning on moving to Australia soon.

The person in charge of the group? Not bothered. Let’s see if their opinion changes once everyone has departed.

I also had a potentially interesting option come up in the last week which might tie in with the new job. None of them may come to fruition, but gives one something to think about.

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