Day 142/365

Another pre-breakfast run out in my trail shoes as I knew the grass in the fields would still be wet and I want to wear my road shoes to parkrun tomorrow. It ended up being another progression run too, even with having to stop for various vehicles.

Day 138/365

Yesterday I ran my 1,000th km of the year in glorious sunshine, today it was out in the rain and the wind. I was undecided whether to run the entire Rumburgh loop or just half and after having to stop to allow a tractor to pass decided that I’d just do half since I had gone out before having any breakfast. All of the wildlife was very sensibly staying out of the rain.

Day 137/365

Long run day and it was out on my own for a change, having been woken at 06:30 by my neighbours. I was testing out a new Camelbak hydration belt with bottles in cages. I think it is lighter than my lumber pack with bladder, but the sloshing from the bottles could get annoying on a longer/harder run. It was out to St Peter’s brewery, along Brook Street then out along the Rumburgh route. I had to stop two or three times for cars and once for alpacas (the animals of the day).

Day 136/365 – Fritton Lake parkrun

Up bright and early and out to Fritton Lake parkrun again, just like last year. I got there nice and early and even did some stretches and had a bit of a jog. I was in my parkrun 50 club t-shirt and my Bristol and West jacket, which got a couple of comments. I headed off and it was odd to be in the leading group, the only other time that has happened was at the last Women’s Running 10k at Blaise Castle. We soon hit the woods where it was pretty much single file and I settled into a nice tough rhythm. I knew I was first lady but I had been first lady at this parkrun before and been passed on the second lap (there seem to be a lot of triathletes at this parkrun, I got passed by one half way round the first lap). I didn’t know what kind of a lead I had so I just kept pushing on, putting in a 4:19 km at one point. I got passed in the final run-in but finished 1st lady (so obviously first in my age category), and 13th overall out of 68 in an official time of 22:02 – my fastest to date on that course. I was two minutes ahead of the next lady in.

Day 134/365

After a day of lifting, carrying, nailing down carpets and then taping all of the seams I finally managed to get out for my daily run. It was raining by then, but that was fine. I ran out along the roads (stopping for a couple of times for cars) then found a treadmill at around the 2.5km mark where I turned around and came back again.

Day 133/365

The morning’s run wasn’t as bad as I thought I might be after the last few days (pb at Ashton Court on Saturday, over 11 miles on Sunday, track session on Monday, and 2-mile race yesterday). 5km done before 9am, that’s pretty good. I also ticked over the maximum mileage on my white pair of New Balance shoes (fitted for me by Jan at Sweatshop). They are now going to be retired with their final outing being at the Sodbury Slog in November (where they will probably remain, or in a bin nearby). A new pair will now be added to the rotation once I am back from my holidays.