Day 29/365 – Whitehall runners

I was warned that Thursday was a quieter night than Monday for the recreational runners of Bristol & West Athletic Club, and that turned out to be true. There were 3 of us, so we went out for a shortish run into town and back along the railway path. It turned out to be something of a tempo run with occasional breathers at traffic lights. It was slightly unnerving how many cyclists don’t have or don’t use bells but just swoosh past at speed in the dark. I might add lights to my existing high-vis when running in the dark.

Day 29/365 – Bad Moon Rising

What should have been a 30 minute Zombies, Run! mission turned into a 62 minute mission. I wish they would warn you beforehand when they are running double length missions. I had only intended a gentle 5-6km, so when I got to 10km I stopped my GPS and let the remainder of the mission play out as I chilled out on the swings. I’m intending to go out with the Bristol and West recreational runners this evening, so don’t want to tire myself out.

Bad Moon Rising

Day 28/365

A more comfortable run back from the gym today (after a Body Pump Express class that I forgot to record because I had been promoted to DJ and was worried that maybe it wasn’t biceps and triceps as I had stated). This makes it 4 weeks of running at least 5km every day and 200km covered.

DD303 – week 0 – Introductions

My final psychology module, cognitive psychology, was due to start next week but I guess they forgot to schedule in time to read the introductory chapters in the main textbooks, so had to move the start date back a week and introduce week 0. They all went off swimmingly – a bit of history there and look ahead to what will be covered there. All that was left was to install e-prime and do the optional online activity of searching for some journals.

I need to run windows to be able to run e-prime. I have a mac. Not a problem, I know that I can run windows on my mac using boot camp (or parallels, etc.) and look Microsoft were offering a discount on Windows 8.1 for students. Only £50. Perfect. Got that bought and went off to my exercise class since they said it might take a while for the order to be processed. Got back from the gym and my order had been processed, Windows 8.1 was there to download. Only snag was that it was in the format of a .exe file. I have a mac, mac’s and .exe files don’t work. I needed a .iso file. I contacted the live help – they sent me to a page about how to create an iso which would only work if I was on a windows device. Head meet desk. They bumped me up the line to more senior tech people. After 20 minutes of no response I called India, spoke to ‘George’ and had my order refunded. In the meantime, a number of friends had been posting suggestions of alternative ways to install various forms of windows operating systems on my mac. I decided I had done enough buggering about with the computer for one day and would just finish off the final task for the week – the online activity searching for journals.

The online activity featured the live journal website embedded in a frame with instructions at the side (click here, enter X, etc.). Unfortunately the website seems to have been updated since the instructions were written as they wanted you to click on things that just weren’t there. A grumpy techy end to the day, but the actual psychology looks interesting and I don’t have to get this software installed and running for another 4 weeks. I may try again in a couple of days once all of my techy friends have exhausted their suggestions.

Day 26/365 – Whitehall runners

Juggling was cancelled due to panto (on no it wasn’t, oh yes it was), so I took the opportunity of my new Bristol & West AC membership to go along to the Whitehall runners session. After first ending up in the wrong place, I ended up in the right place – a room full of runners all talking. Soon it was out to the track for a gentle 1,200m warm up then a series of stretches. After that we split up into groups to head out onto the mean streets of Whitehall. I selected Alan’s group after being promised it wouldn’t be too fast, and out we went up Whitehall Road. Once we made it to the railway path (my usual exit on the way back from the gym) we then went along it doing a train (where the person at the back sprints to the front, then once they are there the new person at the back sprints to the front, repeat). We did this all the way back to the athletics arena, and it looked a little like this:

Once we were back at the track Chris had us do 2x400m with a 400m jog recovery in between and a final 400m jog to cool down:

Then it was a gentle jog home, shower, and some cheesy mash.

A333 – week 17 – Is life sacred?

I am still two weeks ahead of the schedule, so I managed to submit TMA03 on Friday ahead of going full-time with my studies and was able to start book 4 of the philosophy course. This books is titled “The Value of Life” and week 1 was looking at whether life is sacred, and if so why.

I’m going to have to say that I agree with Peter Singer on this one, that people indulge in a form of species-ism when they state that (specifically human) life is sacred, since if you are looking at it from a capabilities viewpoint then there are plenty of humans that fail to meet the thresholds that can be set and plenty of non-humans that meet them. I think it is one of those tricky cases where your gut is telling you one thing (that you are special and unique), but you can’t back it up in a logically coherent manner. This is a good example of why instincts should not be a guide for philosophy without the application of reflection and thorough interrogation.

I start the cognitive psychology course tomorrow.

Day 26/365 – Listen All You People

A nice gentle recovery run out along the river with a Zombies, Run! mission. No other runners out and about, not surprising given that a women was attacked on the other side of the river last week. I finished running about 300m before finishing the mission and walked the rest of the way – it was a long run I did yesterday.

Listen All You People

Day 25/365

I had intended to go out on the 10+k run from Ashton Court today, but there was nobody to lead it so I went on the 10 miler instead. A few muddy patches, with some bonus holding on to the dog’s lead for dear life. I had taken a gel with me as I thought I might be 10 mileing, and that came in handy after a relentless hill. Back for tea in the cafe (I had forgotten my wallet but had my change purse) then home. At least it should have been home, but my car battery had run down on me. I have a battery charger at home, so the other half could have brought it to me but he was just about to start play in a poker tournament. I didn’t have my AA membership card on me (no wallet) but they found my details and got a van out to me in under 20 minutes. The battery got charged back up and I drove home, parking directly outside the house. At this point I remembered that my house key was in my running backpack and not the handbag I had brought with me. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but poker tournament, so I drove out, got the other half’s key and then finally got home and changed out of freezing cold and muddy shoes.

Day 24/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I intended to wear the pink trail shoes I had worn at Skyline last Sunday, but when I went to put them on they had dried solid with all of the mud and it was impossible. Luckily I have a backup pair of trail shoes, so I donned those and headed out to Ashton Court (the pink shoes got a good soak and a scrub when I got home). It wasn’t as icy as the previous week, but there were still patches of ice which meant getting traction going up the first hill was tricky. I stuck to the green stuff for the most part, especially coming back down the hill, and was pleased to come home in under 25 minutes given the conditions. It was my first officially recorded run as a Bristol & West athlete (I think I updated my parkrun profile correctly).

I finished 96th out of 299 parkrunners, was 12th lady and 2nd in my age category. Still just about holding on to 2nd in the points table.