Stray Cat Strut

I only managed one run whilst away in Ireland, instead of the three I had planned as I came down with Convention Cold and decided it was better not to run in those circumstances. Before it hit with full force I did take a potter through the streets of Millstreet, to the seeming bemusement of the locals (and confusion of the app which had to be restarted).

Stray Cat Strut

Ashton Court parkrun – 19th July 2014

A hot and sticky parkrun today, run under the threat of abandonment as well as stormy clouds (the plateau is very exposed in the event of thunderstorms). I still made it round sub 24 minutes even if I did get passed by what looked like a 6 year old in the final 100m. No time to wait for my official placing before blogging as I’ve got to get a bus, another bus, a plane, a third bus, a train, a different train and then get myself from the train station to the European Juggling Convention site in Millstreet, Ireland. If I get them before I leave British soil I will update this post. No sign of Sally though, so I’m remarkably still ahead of her in the points table.

I finished 68th out of parkrunners, was 10th lady and 4th in my age category. I am now 4th in the points table.

I Don’t Want To Get Over You

I had to miss out on my usual Cuba Tone class as I was waiting for a service engineer to confirm that my microwave has gone nuts and is under warranty, so went out for a brief run afterwards, partly to knock some of the mud off my trail shoes after the Roman 10km. I’m still in recovery mode since the race was hard, so took it slow but did have zombie chases enabled. I’m not sure if it’s the music I chose or if it is because the app didn’t like me overdoing the pace increase on the first chase (it failed me because I increased by 27% instead of 10-15%) but there were only two chases and the mission was over in 25 minutes. Compare that to two weeks ago when there were four chases and the mission lasted almost 45 minutes. Both missions were supposed to be about 30 minutes. Odd. Not that I’m complaining as it was hot out there today.

I Don’t Want To Get Over You

DSE212 – week 23 – Doing thematic analysis

My shortest week in terms of notes written (other than for a rest or TMA week). The chapter studied in the book was looking at thematic analysis using a lot of examples and different ways to approach the same transcript, so there wasn’t that much to actually write about as it was specific to the example. All useful for the next TMA though and handy since I’ll be away for a week and will be playing catch up when I return.


No trouble at all today keeping to a low pace for my recovery run after yesterday’s 10km. The supposedly 30 minute long mission did take 42 minutes in the end though, which meant I had to loop around the houses for a bit before finishing. The river Avon was swollen and muddy, must have been a lot of rain somewhere further upstream.

Roman 10km

It’s been a while now since I last raced, in fact it was the Bristol 10km when I set my current pb of 46:10. I have never managed to run sub 1 hour for a Relish Running 10km. They are always hilly, muddy and longer than 10km for a start. Today’s Roman 10km which started and finished at Bath racecourse was no exception. It started off nice and flat around the racecourse but then disappeared out into the fields and down a very steep hill (where I had to stop and re-tie my shoelace) and the only thing I could think was that I’d have to get all of that elevation (120m of it) back again. It was mostly a more gradual climb back up, apart from a horrible hill where everyone walked (not just me) before the out and back section. I’m still recovering from whatever-I-did-at-Body-Pump a couple of weeks ago, so even though it hasn’t felt weird again I didn’t want to risk it on the climbs so walked where I felt it was most prudent. This meant I still had a bit of energy left towards the end of the race and managed to bring it home in under an hour for the first time. It was a well earned couple of jaffa cakes and half a freeze pop (excellent idea) at the finish line. I even managed to find the showers which felt great.

Another medal and race bib for the collection.

Roman 10km

UPDATE: I finished 61st out of 145 runners, was 7th lady and 4th in my age category.

A222 – Exploring Philosophy – course result

I was just about to head off to bed when an email came through from the OU about a result being posted to the website. I wasn’t paying full attention so assumed it was my latest psychology assignment result (my tutor is remarkably quick at turning those around) and got a bit confused when there wasn’t a mark where I thought there should be one. I actually opened up the email rather than just read the title at this point and discovered that it was the result for my philosophy course that was in (pretty much just my exam grade as I already knew how I was doing on the TMAs and therefore what the maximum my overall course grade could be).

This time I navigated to the correct part of the website, held my breath a little and boom – 87% on my exam. People normally drop grades on the exam compared to the TMAs (usually around 10%) but I had done considerably better (hmm, wonder what that says about how my TMAs were marked?). The overall course result is the lower of your exam grade and your averaged/weighted TMA grade, so I got a pass 2 (aka a 2:1) due to my 72% grade for my TMAs.

They very handily gave a breakdown of what number and percentage of students fell into which gradings overall (A being 85-100%, B = 70-84%, C = 55-69%, D = 40-54%, E = 30-39%, F = 15-29% and G = 0-14%) and broken down for each question tackled. Looking at it overall I was one of only 21 students out of a total of 363 who showed up on exam day to get an A grade on the exam. For the questions I answered I was one of 6 to get an A on question 2, one of 11 to get an A on question 3, and one of 9 to get an A on question 6.

In conclusion, go me, I rock.

DSE212 – week 22 – Lifespan development

A quick dip into the final book of the DSE212 psychology course with a look at a more challenging psychological issue of lifespan development. Some old ground covered with attachment theory, Bowlby, Ainsworth and her Strange Situation, a look back at Erikson but also some new theories from Piaget and Vygotsky. The end of the course feels incredibly close now with two more challenging psychological issues (with an associated TMA) and a project involving thematic analysis.