Sunday Funday Solstice 7km

It’s the shortest day of the year and I decided I didn’t want to spend it indoors. All of the running magazines go on about making sure that you run with a purpose, so should be doing long slow runs, or tempo runs, intervals, hills, race pace, etc. but today I decided just to run for fun. I didn’t know how long I was going to run for, how far I would go or how fast. I just pulled on my trail shoes, headed out for the Avon trail and ran. I even went off the main trail up into the woods along some of the muddy and hilly routes there. I didn’t take my phone, no Zombies to run away from, just my GPS and my ipod shuffle for some tunes. It was fun and I even sprinted the final 100m when I realised that 7km would be a good distance.

Ashton Court parkrun – 20th December 2014

The penultimate jaunt up and down the Ashton Court hill this year and it was nice and cold. I could have done with it being a little colder as I was dressed in a reindeer onesie, but there you go, the sleeves rolled up and the head could be pushed back (good thing as I couldn’t see where I was going when it was down). I didn’t push hard as I was effectively running in a fleece sleeping bag, and finished with a time just over 25 minutes.

I finished 98th out of 253 parkrunners, was 10th lady and 2nd in my age category. I am back up to 2nd in the points table after dropping down to 3rd last week as I didn’t run, but that is because Jane was running as Cruella Deville in a pack of dalmatians. Cake afterwards and meeting lots of other people’s dogs.

Back In Your Head

I don’t normally run the day after a hard race, but I need to up my mileage in preparation for the Bath Half in March and the boiler had decided to work again, so it was out for my usual Monday morning recovery run. Same old route, same old routine, only hint of newness was the black ice I hit doing a 180 degree turn to go up onto the bridge over the river. I landed in what my mind’s eye considers to be a graceful martial arts style low side lunge, but which I expect I will pay for throughout the day. Got up and ran it off though, but did take a slightly modified route back to avoid the bridge.

Back In Your Head

Skyline 10km – “A” course – the return

It was back to the Bath Sports Training Village for a second attempt at the “A” course for the Relish Running 10km Skyline series. Sunny skies, but cold so it was gloves, peaked hat and a light jacket (which was removed at about 4km). Last time I made it around in 1hr 2mins 36secs and was held up at the start by the crush of people. This time I got myself into the first wave so I would have a relatively clear track and was going to try and get as close to 1 hour as possible. The sections in the wood were treacherous as always, and I took them slow and steady (the hamstring is still healing), and there was a vicious headwind along the golf course section. As I came over the bridge for the last time I new it was going to be close, but didn’t think I’d quite make it. My Garmin was stopped at 1hr 0mins 09secs. So close. The GPS had it as 10.32km compared to 10.19km last time. Next time, the “B” course and the final medal of the 3-medal set.


UPDATE: Provisional results are live and place me 23rd lady out of 214 with a time of 1hr 0mins 1.4secs, and 18th in my age category. An improvement of 25 places overall, 12 in my age group.

Ashton Court parkrun – 6th December 2014

My heart rate was already elevated when I got to the start of the Ashton Court parkrun. A combination of a daft bint pulling out in front of me, causing me to emergency stop my car to avoid running into her, and not being able to get the cap off the de-icing spray so that I had to manually scrape all of the ice off the car. This meant I had to run to make the start (though in the end we went off at 09:05 instead of 09:00). I don’t know whether it was the cold, or getting distracted by the hot air balloons, or not sleeping well the previous night but it was not a good run. The only thing I could feel in my legs was my dodgy hamstring creaking away. No power. Nothing. At least I was supposed to be taking it easy as I have another Skyline 10km race tomorrow, and I did make it back sub 25 minutes (just).

I finished 109th out of 228 parkrunners, was 14th lady and 2nd in my age category. I am currently still 2nd in the points table, but not running next week so expect to drop at least one place.

A333 – week 9 – Supreme emergency & 2nd tutorial

This week was finishing off the War book, looking at the ways in which people try and justify acting outside the jus in bello conditions during war, invoking supreme emergencies and ticking bomb scenarios. All a lot of smoke and mirrors in my opinion and all very unconvincing, especially when Walzer claims that only nation states can be exempted but can’t provide a good reason as to why. If people want to torture or bomb civilians then they should own it, not try and weasel they way into moral acceptability.

We also had our second tutorial on Saturday which started off badly for me with discussions of war in relation to prescriptive realism (bwuh?) but ended in more comfortable territory with Battlestar Galactica. I wonder if I can reference Homeland in my upcoming assignment?

Old World

It feels like it’s been ages since I did my regular Monday morning run, and it was good to get out into the crisp air. I’m officially back in half marathon training in preparation for the Bath Half in March, but all that means is that I am running at least 3 times a week with an ever lengthening long run in there somewhere.

Old World

Ashton Court parkrun – 29th November 2014

I had a good run last week so decided to really push myself this week. I ended up with a time and position worse than last week. That’s running for you. The effort you put in isn’t always rewarded, sometimes your legs just don’t cooperate. I must have pushed a little too hard at Body Pump yesterday and taken too much out of them.

I finished 92nd out of 269 parkrunners, was 8th lady and 1st in my age category. Still hanging on in 2nd place in the points table, but I’ll be overtaken by the end of the year unless Jane starts missing some weeks.