DD303 – week 26 – Cognition and emotion

I got a little distracted shopping for shoes for a school reunion (I couldn’t quite justify the price tag on these when I would likely only wear them once) so didn’t start my week 26 studies until after lunch. I just about managed to squeeze in the chapter on cognition and emotion before having to start cooking dinner, thankfully the additional article was short and the chapter wasn’t particularly in-depth. Lots of different names that might come up in an exam, but not a great amount of detail to remember about each.

Day 214/365 – With A Little Help From My Friends & Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

It was straight back from Crawley juggling convention, unload the car, get changed and out for an ‘easy’ 8 mile run. There was sufficient time for two Zombies, Run! missions: With A Little Help From My Friends and Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and I discovered that Garmin Connect appears to have a character limit for its activities as it wouldn’t let me save a title including both mission names.

Day 213/365 – Tilgate parkrun

I was camping in a carpark in Crawley for the weekend for a juggling convention, so it was up early and off to Tilgate parkrun. It was the largest parkrun I had run in, with over 500 runners, which explained why it was difficult at times to get by people even though the paths were quite wide. The finish tokens from 50-80 were in reverse order so the results were delayed a bit with them having to sort that out, but I ended up finishing in 53rd position with a time of 21:47. I was 4th lady and 1st in my age category. I am slipping behind in the Ashton Court points table though with all of these weekends away, and the balloons are taking over next weekend.

Day 211/365 – Purdown Pursuit

I cycled to the last of the TACH summer series of races, seeing as how they progressively got closer and closer to my house each time (and I’d managed to bag a parking space outside my house and didn’t want to lose it). I gave myself plenty of time to get there and so was there far too early with plenty of time to keep rearranging my number on my club vest.

The race itself was up and down and around Purdown, criss-crossing paths and featuring hazards such as: logs, steps, stiles, and a barbeque. Rosey and I were battling it out all of the way around, but I just managed to shake her off in the last mile, finishing 4th lady overall and 1st in my age category. This meant that I discovered that a bottle of wine will fit in a mini ‘O’ bag for a Brompton. I left the cans of cider I won as part of the winning ladies team (I don’t drink, but wine can be easily re-gifted).

Day 210/365

I am back up to my regular Body Pump weights again, and seem to have improved my range of movement during squats too, which is good. I’m also gradually increasing my weekly mileage as I get closer to the big M in October, so it was an ‘easy’ 4 mile run after my Body Pump Express class. Out along the railway path to the fish and then back again, whilst listening to TMS.

DD303 – week 25 – Reasoning

Hello Wason selection task, my old friend. After blasting through week 24 on decision making and judgements it was more familiar material for week 25 looking at reasoning. A lot more detail was given on deductive reasoning that in my philosophy course (which was a little odd), and I can’t see myself writing about it in the exam (too much potential for getting tied up in knots), but there was the familiar old Wason selection task to get me through. I am now back on track with the schedule and hope to get a little bit ahead next week so that I can polish off TMA05 and TMA06 by the end of August. That will give me all of September and the first week of October to revise for the exam on 6th October.

DD303 – week 24 – Judgement and decision making

I took a week off to recover after residential school and am now playing catch up to get back on schedule (though finding out that I can get away with not knowing the content of the chapters currently being studied in order to tackle the exam effectively is affecting my motivation). Week 24 looked at judgement and decision making and covered a lot of the same ground that I had already studied as part of the rationality sections of my philosophy course. Good to see old Kahneman and Tversky popping up. I might include this chapter as a wild card in my exam strategy since I covered it in detail for my final philosophy essay.

Day 209/365

It was the last of the 4 Aztec West Summer Series fast 5k races, but I wasn’t feeling that fast. I felt good as I passed through the first km marker, but was given a time of 4 minutes which felt far too fast. My GPS was on miles, so I aimed to stay as close to 7 minute miles as possible. This became harder as the race progressed, but I dug in and kept going. I think I crossed the line in around 20:53, but I will have to wait until the official results are out as I had to go and finish off what my GPS thought was missing. That would be a new pb by almost 30 seconds if so.

UPDATE: my official time came in at 20:51. Very happy with that :-)