Day 62/365

I ran to the commentary of the South Africa – Ireland cricket match today, slightly different than running to music. One other runner out and about on the riverside path and a meeting of three cats on my return journey (who were all getting on very well). Ran the full route today instead of stopping at 5km and walking the remainder, mostly because my Jantastic distance target for the week is 6km and I wanted to knock it off early. Edit: I had thought my Jantastic target for the week was 6km, actually it is 12km, oh well.

Day 61/365

A proper recovery run after yesterday’s half marathon. I didn’t feel as sore as I thought I would and it was nice to get out in the sunshine again. No other runners out on the route, I probably wouldn’t have been either if I wasn’t doing the 365 challenge. 1/6th of the way through the year now and 445.9km (277 miles) covered.

Day 60/365 – Bath Half marathon

Sunday is long run day, but this one was pretty long. I got to Temple Meads by 09:30, plenty of time to get over to Bath for an 11:00 race start, but the platform was already packed and the trains were delayed. The train I ended up on was a stopping one, so I didn’t get into Bath until 10:15 – not enough time to do anything other than scoot over to the runner’s village, dump my bag and head to the start. In the slow plod to the start I saw Russell Howard (who I knew was running) and a lady dressed as a Singer sewing machine, but none of the other people I knew were running today.

The start didn’t quite go off as planned (I guess a false start, I had my headphones in already) and there was the usual shuffle towards the line, slow down to a walk as people bunched up, then jog, slow down, and finally over the line. My sister had said she would be near the start, so I was keeping an eye out and trying to go at a sensible pace for the first km, but that didn’t happen. The start is downhill and you get to see the mass of people in front of you, which is impressive, but with all of the jinking around into gaps it is easier to go a little faster than intended. My target time was 1:48:00, which meant completing 21km, each at 05:07 min/km. My first non-sub 05:00 min/km was in the 7th km (it was exactly 05:00 min) and I finally hit my target pace in the 14th km.

Around 17km Russell Howard went past me and I was damned if I was going to be beaten by a comedian, so spent the next couple of km slowly catching him up and then passing him. At this point I bumped into Fleur (I had already seen Fi and John out on the course) and as we were commiserating about what was hurting the Howard passed me and I had nothing in response. The final 1.3km were a bit of a grind, but I crossed the line in 1:46:42 according to my GPS. When I looked up the provisional results they awarded me a 1:46:40 and position 2955. Yay, new pb! In 2014 I finished in position 3214 with an official time of 1:49:24, so a good improvement.

A technical t-shirt in the goody bag this year, and an entire bar of chocolate. We did end up at a dead standstill for a few minutes in the finish area though, as everything started seizing up. Home in time for the rugby (just, after more train delays). If anyone wants to contribute to my justgiving page, I was running in my cancer research shirt, it can be found here: Just Giving.


Day 59/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

There are a couple of local half marathons tomorrow, so the hill was a little quieter than usual with a lot of people either not running or taking it easy. As a 365er I am committed to running at least 5km every day, so it may as well be at parkrun. I took it easy though, going through the first km in 5:21. I figured I would aim for a 25 minute run, so was surprised when I crossed the line in 24:11. The line wasn’t quite 5km though, so some additional time was racked up in the finish funnel until 5km was reached.

I finished 69th out of 259 parkrunners, was 7th lady and 2nd in my age category. Jane was pacing someone slower, so I crept a little way ahead of her in the points table and am still 2nd.

Day 58/365

Another night of not enough sleep and waking up early, I think I am going to have to try sleeping in an eye mask again in case it is the light waking me up. But it meant that I got to listen to the end of the South Africa innings and get out for my run before the traffic got too bad making my two road crossings tricky. I thought I would see if I could manage my usual 5km at my desired race pace for Sunday, and I did. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to maintain it, but that is what the crowd any my ipod are for (though I don’t think the weather will be as good).

Day 57/365

A much better run than yesterday, 2 and a half minutes faster on the same route and it felt much easier, and it was raining on top of that. I feel like I should be clear of this cold in plenty of time for Sunday (which is one less thing to worry about).

Day 56/365

I woke up far too early (before 07:00) and when it became apparent that I wasn’t going to be getting back to sleep decided to cancel today’s Body Pump Express class. I would normally do my 5km for the day after this class, so headed out after some breakfast. Cancelling the class turns out to have been the right decision as it was a lot of effort to run a very slow 5km. Home for a shower, then into a onesie and back to bed (but to work on an essay rather than sleep) to let my body burn this cold out. I should be better by Half time, the next two days should be the worst as the cold runs its course, then I should see an improvement just in time for race day.

Day 55/365

A round trip run to Boots to get more echinacea to fight back the start of a cold (stupid interacting with people in meat space). Annoying timing with the Half on Sunday, but hopefully I can fight it back in time. I didn’t check my watch at all, but it felt slower than it was (there was a nasty blustery wind), so that’s good, right?

Day 54/365 – Whitehall Runners

It was quiet at the club tonight, probably because there were a couple of 10km races yesterday, a 5k race tomorrow night and a couple of half marathons at the weekend. We managed to get around without getting rained on, though our pre-run stretches were done to the accompaniment of the police helicopter. No heart rate data as I forgot to put my heart rate monitor on.

Day 54/365

It was chucking it down when I was getting ready to go for my morning run, but by the time I got outside it had stopped and I managed to complete the whole run in the dry whilst listening to The News Quiz. A whole set of easy 5km runs this week as I prepare for race day on Sunday.