Day 185/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

The Tour de France (and Tour de Fleece) starts today, so I cycled over to Ashton Court for parkrun. There was a runBristol training session afterwards, so I stuck around for that too before cycling home again.

The overnight thunderstorms didn’t really clear the weather, it was still hot and muggy for the run but I felt strong and was happy to get round in under 23 minutes. It wasn’t until the results came in that I found out that it was a pb (by a second).

I finished 72nd out of 321 parkrunners, was 5th lady and 2nd in my age category. That has moved me up to 8th in the points table.

Day 183/365 – Dundry Thunder

Today marked the tipping point in the 365 challenge, if I make it to the end of the year it is all counting down from now. I couldn’t stop halfway to take a selfie as I was in a battle for the ladies’ team prize (we narrowly came second), but did take one having finished. I somehow managed to get 3rd in my age category, adding another bottle of wine to the collection.



DD303 – week 23 – Problem Solving

Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday and I am off to residential school in just over a week’s time, so I took the opportunity of a grey and rainy day to get a little bit ahead on my reading. This week was looking at the cognitive processes involved in problem solving, and seemed to concentrate mostly on chess players. The accompanying journal article was a very catty review of another psyhcologist’s work, with the authors explaining in great detail how the other guy was wrong in his interpretation of their work. Highly amusing.

Day 181/365 – Aztec West 5k series race 3

The weather was glorious today, but it meant for a hot race and I wasn’t really on for getting a third pb in a row at Aztec West. It was the mobmatch though (which we won), so I pushed as hard as I could and decided to be happy if I could come home in under 23 minutes. In the end my official time was 21:44 (but my Garmin didn’t think it was 5k, so I had to add on some jogging), which I think is the second fastest that I have run a 5k in (it is my second fastest time on this course).

DD303 – TMA04 result

I was wondering when I would get this TMA back as it is the literature review and research question I will be investigating at residential school in 10 days, and I wanted to know whether I was on the right track. I was disappointed with the mark, a 69, but mostly with the comments about the suggested research question (the stuff about not mentioning serial vs parallel processing is fair enough – it never came up in any of the literature I reviewed and wasn’t an area that had come up in the course in this context at the time of writing the assignment, so I am giving myself a pass on having not mentioned it in the assignment, I can chuck it in when the experiment gets written up).

The research question I had chosen was one specifically suggested in the booklet giving all of the various options as something that would be valid and worth studying. Maybe I didn’t clearly enough identify that the design would be a 2×2 as my tutor said that only having one variable wasn’t sufficient at this level (there will be two variables as I understand it – ambiguity of word, and breadth of category). I’m not sure whether to query this with my tutor now or at residential school when I get there, given that the assignment that gets written up based on the experiment run at residential school is 30% of my examinable mark (which is 50% of my total course mark). I think I will raise it with my tutor now. Hopefully I just didn’t explain sufficiently that it will be a 2×2 design and I don’t have to completely rethink what I’ll be doing at residential school.

UPDATE: My tutor confirmed that I do have a 2×2 design, I just didn’t explain that well enough in my TMA.

Day 179/365

A didn’t think I felt that bad after yesterday’s run, but today’s Sunday long run was harder than it usually is. The rain probably didn’t help, and there was a fair bit of walking mixed in with the running, but it got the legs ticking over again ready for two races this week: the Aztec West fast 5k on Tuesday and the off-road and hilly Dundry Thunder on Thursday (so no track for me on Wednesday). I still can’t quite believe our team won first ladies’ team yesterday. I guess having a Team GB Olympian on stage 1 to smash the course record helped.

Day 178/365 – Cotswold Way Relay – Stage 2

An early start for the Cotswold Way Relay. Up at 05:15 to get breakfast eaten and out to pick up Justin and then on to Charlie’s to change cars and head out to the start of stage 2. We arrived in plenty of time for a warm-up before the start of the stage. A bit of a bottleneck at the first gate, but the 100 of us soon stretched out along the hills up and down the Cotswold Way. It was hot and sunny weather and I was glad to be carrying water with me. In a race situation I did end up going faster than when I recce’d the route, but I still walked up the hills and took it a little steady on the sharper downhills. I was pleased to get under 2 hours and not be timed out. Hopefully it will help the team place well, I will find out tonight.

UPDATE: Well, we won 1st placed ladies team, which I wasn’t expecting. Our stage 1 runner broke the course record for that stage, which was a massive help, and we ended up over half an hour ahead of our closest rivals. On my stage I was 63rd overall and 12th lady.