Day 246/365 – Grown Ups

Last night’s track session was tough and I was a bit achey when I went to bed, so was worried I wouldn’t be able to complete the scheduled 5 easy miles this morning, but was pleasantly surprised to wake up no longer aching. I also made sure I left enough time after eating my breakfast before heading out so I didn’t get woozy like I did on Tuesday.

It was all good, only one other runner out and about and I ticked off another Zombies, Run! mission: Grown Ups (for some reason their website isn’t registering the missions being completed, but the app is).

Day 245/365 – WISE runners

I either didn’t get this week’s email about what we were doing tonight, or deleted it without noticing, so was completely in the dark about tonight’s track session. It turned out to be 5x1km with 400m recovery (being put in the fastest of Chris’s three groups). Keith’s group was out on the roads, so we had the track to ourselves. Well apart from the temporary stands that were taking up lanes 2-5 on the home straight. At least I knew I wouldn’t get overtaken, but also that I would be last over the line each time (with two other groups, one running 900m and one 800m). I kept things consistent though, coming in at between 04:06 and 04:08 each time, which I am pleased with considering we got no breaks. As soon as we had completed the 400m ‘recovery’ lap, we were straight off on our next 1km. Apparently I am confusing Chris though, because I race faster than I run on the track, but that may be because I do rest a bit before races, whereas my track sessions happen in the evening after I’ve already had a busy day (and run at least 5km).

Day 244/365 – Another Brick In The Wall

Two-thirds of the way through the year and so far I have racked up 1,914.9 km (1,189.86 miles), running for 177h 42m and climbing 17,215m. After the effort of the last two days it wasn’t hard to keep myself to a slow easy pace on my 5 miles out and back along the river. I was accompanied by a Zombies, Run! mission (only one more left, I need an update with more missions to come out soon): Another Brick In The Wall and only saw two other runners and a handful of dogs.

Day 243/365 – Uphill to Wells relay recce

The plan was to recce legs 3, 4 and 5 of the Uphill to Wells relay race, around 15 miles or so, with Mike and Colin (with Dave to recce 4 and 5, and Maggie to recce 6). It didn’t start well when we went completely in the wrong direction at the car park, but realised pretty soon and came back, only to go wrong again when we hit the road (turning right instead of left). We managed another wrong turn later in leg 3 which took us through a lake of a puddle, then back again after our alternative way back to the correct path involved some bulls. Only one more wrong turn to end up finishing leg 3 meeting up with Maggie and Dave about an hour (and a couple of miles) later than intended.

We lost Mike for leg 4 as he went back for the car (anticipating that we weren’t going to make leg 5) but gained Dave and seemed to be navigating better (the sheep with its head caught in a fence wasn’t marked). Once we hit Cheddar gorge proper we managed to take the wrong path however, ending up by an observation path that wasn’t marked and going down Jacob’s Ladder. A rider on a horse told us how to get to a marked road, so we decided to take that to the end of the leg rather than try to get back en route (even though we did manage to find the correct turning at Bradley Cross). Dave went on to complete leg 5 and Maggie safely completed leg 6, with everyone meeting up in Wells for coffee and cake.

The West Mendip Way (which the race follows) is not as well marked as the Cotswold Way, and the maps provided by the organisers, whilst good, aren’t at a great scale. Anyone running without being able to recce their leg first should try as get as large a scale map of the area as they can.

A 479 epic suffer score according to Strava, and the longest time on my feet (I did stop and start my watch during many of the map consultations).

Day 242/365 – Avon Road Relay

A minimum distance run today, but it was a fast one as the middle leg in the Avon 5k road relay club championships. I was running mostly on my own as the field was strung out after the first leg so only had a couple of cars and a horse to contend with. I did manage to overhaul another Bristol and West runner at around the 4km mark, and managed not to get passed myself. My Garmin gave me a time of 21:21, but I didn’t manage to stop it as a crossed the finishing line, so it should come out at around 21:19 when the official results are published. That would equal the second fastest time I’ve ever run for 5k. Even though our team was in the FV35 category the organisers counted us as senior ladies instead so we ended up with 3rd place and medals (I don’t think there were enough senior ladies teams):

Day 241/365 – Ashton Court parkrun

I cycled over to Ashton Court this morning, to give myself plenty of time to run a couple of miles before my parkrun (in line with marathon training). I had intended to take it relatively easy today as I am racing tomorrow, so had set myself a target of 23:30. It was a bit hot and sticky, and I’d already done 2 miles so figured that should be manageable. I got up the first hill a bit quick (but it felt easy) and turned in under 13 minutes. This was all a bit fast so I tried to ease back a bit on the return journey, only to get egged on over the final 100m by Andy and Paul. I probably could have got a pb today, but was trying to save myself for tomorrow (which hopefully bodes well).

I finished 54th out of 317 parkrunners, was 4th lady and 2nd in my age category. Still 7th in the points table. I also got to break in my new orange and purple shoes (and some new Puma kit).

Day 240/365 – Goodbye To You & Livin’ On A Prayer

Today was the first tempo run where I wasn’t worried that I would be able to make the pace and was only worried about the distance. I used my 10k playlist in-between Zombies, Run! mission updates, just to make sure I kept that pace up, so ended up averaging a bit faster than I should have (it should have been 8:23 min/mile). Two missions completed: Goodbye To You and Livin’ On A Prayer. A 270 ‘epic suffer score’ according to Strava. This was after I adjusted my heart rate zones slightly having actually measured my resting heart rate at 53 bpm instead of assuming the 60 bpm it always used to be.

Day 239/365 – In Da Club & Runaway Baby

A slight change to the schedule as I’m racing on Sunday, so today was Saturday’s easy 8 miles (and on Saturday I will do today’s 5 miles). I managed to fit in two Zombies, Run! missions: In Da Club and Runaway Baby. Again struggled to go as slowly as prescribed (not helped by the tunnel which confuses the GPS). Strava gave it an ‘Epic Suffer Score’ rating of 253.

Day 238/365 – WISE runners

The weather forecast said it would be dry tonight, boy was it wrong. I was glad of my jacket in the warm-up social run and drills, but cast it aside for the serious business. I therefore got a good soaking during the 12x250m reps (with around 150m recovery) and the jacket I had put aside at the start was drenched by the time I picked it up. I’m currently trying out Strava Premium for a free trial. Most of the extras seem to be focused on cycling, but apparently the 12x250m was an 80, coming out as a ‘sufferfest’ based on my proposed marathon pace and heart rate zones (?).