DD303 – week 12 – Cognitive neuropsychology

Things move on quickly in the world of The Open University, and since last week I have had back a TMA result (76, I’ll take that given that I was guessing on interpreting the numbers to stats package spat out at me), and attended a 2.5 hour tutorial. This week it was back to the Methods Companion and looking at cognitive neuropsychology which is relevant for the next TMA due in a couple of weeks.

Day 117/365

Another early start and another pre-breakfast run. Just the usual along the river, which looked like glass today (hand-blown slightly ripply glass, but glass). No other runners out on the route and no dogs either, which is a little unusual. Gorgeous sunshine though.

Day 116/365

It’s London Marathon day and for the first time in a few years I’m actually at home and able to watch it. There are lots of Bristol runners that are going to be out on the course to look for, so I went for my long run nice and early trying out the route to Ashton Court and back (which I will be using once I start my own marathon training).

Day 115/365

No parkrun today as I have a 10:00 tutorial so there would not be enough time to shower and change, so it was out ridiculously early on no breakfast. I had intended to alternate slow and fast km laps, but my legs weren’t cooperating at that time in the morning so I just settled for alternating slow and slow laps instead.

Day 114/365

I know that you are only supposed to focus on your own workout, but in today’s Body Pump class there were so many people with awful techniques (including newbs who weren’t following the instructor, plus regulars who it’s amazing they haven’t injured themselves) that it was quite distracting. I took the diversion on the way home, it’s OK for cyclists but not great for runners as it involves narrow pavements, but I think it is better than the alternative route I tried out on Wednesday.

Day 113/365

I would have been out of the door a little earlier but the cat had decided to be affectionate and as this is such a rare occurrence I stuck around for scritches and purring. I decided to go and see if they had finished work on the bridge which meant that the tunnel on the railway path was closed, as it was re-scheduled to complete at the end of April, but the barriers were still there (though knocked over). Hard work after last night’s track session, it felt like my core had been used as a punch bag, which in a way it had been, so I just kept things slow.

Day 112/365 – WISE

I was nervous of the WISE track session. It had been billed as 4 sets of 500m&250m, that was upped to 6 on the night, so I knew it was going to be hard and fast. In the end we only did 5 sets but that was tough enough. I managed to kick on a little bit when challenged, but was spent by the end. I think things are going to be a little sore tomorrow.

Day 111/365

Nelson! I tried to keep one foot off the ground on a recovery run along the river. Witnessed a bit of an altercation between a cyclist and a dog walker. The cyclist had been forced to screech to a halt because the dog walker had allowed his charge to move to the other side of the path, stretching the near-invisible retractable lead across the entire path. The dog walker thought the cyclist was going too fast, the cyclist thought the dog walker was being careless since it is a shared path. I’m with the cyclist on this one, you cannot see those leads until you are almost on top of them and the dog walker was seemingly oblivious to the obstruction he was causing (I’ve almost been taken out by them myself).